Simply put,
I am a profusely curious human.

I have an incredibly short concentration span and I get bored pretty fast. My interests range depending on my momentary definition of cool. I may find reading, playing piano or skating cool periodically. Eitherway, my zeal in creating things and discovering the science behind things still remains constant

I am a Software Engineering Student at The Near East University In Cyprus. I enjoy playing football and I have developed a recent liking for billiards.

What is Bambi?

Bambi is a campus social network intended for students at The Near East University. It is a place to discover people and places, make friends, post and share stuff, buy and sell items and chat.

Who created Bambi?

Bambi was made with by Harun in the summer of 2019 as a Software Engineering Student at The Near East University in Cyprus.

What more features are coming?

Bambi will be a fully fledged social network as it scales. Harun plans to add more intriguing features such as
1. Ability to check your friends in your location
2. See Restaraunt Menu's & Order from Restaurants
3. Plan events with your friends on Bambi
4. Inbox, Follow Friends, Like and Comment on Posts
5. Buy and Sell Items on Bambi

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